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Game information


Full name Eden Eveningland
Known as Ed, Eddy, Eddo, Hoey (♥)
Level 18
Amount of horses 46
Home stable Fort Pinta

Club Evil Vikings
Server Pineapple Mountain / Western Europe (server 2)

"I love April Sworddaughter and my amazing club ♥"

I bought & played all the 4 StarShine Legacy -games on 2010-2011 which got me very excited of the story and animations (they were a little creepy for me lol). I found out about StarStable Online in 2013.

I have played SSO for about a year now and I can say I truly love this game. Before my journey started in there, I used to play few games called Nekodancer and Transformice - simple online games that didn't have much to do after all. Actually I got my first experience of Star Stable Online on December 2013 when they had just given us a full month of FREE Star Rider membership! I was like woah and made an account right away. Well, I never made it over level 9 and when new year came, I quit the whole game since I had to pay for it. Luckily my relative let me use her account when I wanted and that's how I followed how the game developed every year. Finally on September 2015 I was gifted a Lifetime Star Rider account to really start the game and not just training and doing dailies (the certain person didn't want me to do new quests on her account). It was awesome and without all these events, I would have never met the awesome people I know right now. ♥

My club history has gotten long in this 1 year.  After few days I had started on my account, I was invited to Shady Bulldozers - one of the best clubs in the server. After our 1st year celebration, the unfortunate day of 14th August 2016 broke the club apart and it was disbanded. I joined a little club called Amazing Sharks but due to the owner's personal things the club was disbanded after a few months. Then together with April Sworddaughter we made a club Ecological Aliens but then we found out one of our good friends from previous clubs had made her own club - Evil Vikings. This one was a lot like Shady Bulldozers which made me feel less sad about it. And now I've stayed in Vikings for few months - building a new family.

Behind the Scenes

Real name Roosa
Age 17
Birthday 18.10.1999.
Home country Finland

I would describe myself as a funny person who just needs to find the right one to be themself with. I would call myself a basic Finn; doesn't talk much with unknown people, avoids eye contact and sometimes says their opinion way too straight. Most of the time I'm trying to be nice and kind to everyone - I have super good nerves that helps it lol - and I'm always putting others before myself. Of course it is a little bad habit but it doesn't harm me so I don't mind. :')

I own two cats and I love all kinds of animals. I have always wanted a dog but my family doesn't share the same thoughts. I could also go with an aquarium which I find very fascinating, just staring at those little fish swimming around. I love horses - like very, very much - but I don't go riding as a hobby. I used to ride few times yearly but now I haven't been in saddle for a year. My favorite things to do are, umm, eat and play StarStable. xD 

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